Town Government


The Town of Indialantic operates under a Town Council form of Government

  • The Mayor and four Council Members, each having a term of two years, are elected on a non-partisan basis
  • The Town Council is responsible for formulating policies, enacting ordinances to carry out those policies, setting tax rates and approving the annual budget
  • The Town Manager, appointed by the Town Council, is the chief administrative officer of the Town and carries out the goals of the Council through management of the Town staff.


Town Council
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The Indialantic Town Council consists of five members: Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three Council members. Each member serves a two-year term. (The views and opinions expressed on each member’s page are those of the member, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of other members, town administration or employees.) Visit Town Council

Boards & Committees
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The Town of Indialantic Boards and Committees consist of: Board of Adjustment; Budget and Finance Committee; Code Enforcement; Heritage Committee; Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee; Civil Service Board; Police, Fire Pension Board of Trustees; General Employee’s Pension Board of Trustees; Zoning and Planning Board. Visit Boards & Committees

Documents, Reports & Financials
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Your one-stop source for important Town of Indialantic Reports and Information including (but not limited to) Proposed & Adopted Budgets, Comprehensive Plans, Town Audits, Pending Ordiances, & Public Participation Policies.  Documents are available in PDF & plain text format. Read Documents 


Board & Committee Vacancies
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Board & Committee vacancies will be posted as positions become available.  Please note; Florida Statute requires individuals assuming an open postion provide a Financial Disclosure Form upon appointment.  For detailed descriptions of the the Boards & Committees as well as postition terms, please visit the Boards & Committees page. View Vacancies