Mission Statement:  To provide safe, family-friendly neighborhoods providing park and recreational opportunities for residents while retaining high quality employees.



  1. Maintain a debt-free town government
  2. Increase productivity leading to a reduction in property taxes
  3. Provide for employee recognition
  4. Conduct a park and recreational facilities inventory and provide to Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee
  5. Develop general information on the Town’s web site about the major Town parks—“Do you know our parks?” using the existing park location map
  6. Provide a 5-year capital budget
  7. Address drainage needs through the development of a plan

*              seek non-local funds to complete the Lily drainage project

*              develop a brochure depicting the benefit(s) of swales

*              develop a schedule reflecting an increase in the number of swales (increase the number of swales built over the upcoming 5 year period)

*              seek permission from property owners to install swales in the Town’s rights-of-ways

*              inventory all available property for potential swales including parks, vacant lots, residential properties, commercial properties

*              prioritize flooding/ponding problems

*              develop options to lessen the Town’s stormwater impact on the IRL

*              develop an inventory of the number and volume of existing swales

*              identify the average number of swales built per year during the last 5 years


  1. Review and update general orders/policies of the police and fire/rescue departments



Approved 2/10/16