Sec. 6‑90. Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas.

Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas.  The town hereby adopts as fully and completely as though set out at length herein that certain published code known as the current Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas, as adopted by the Florida Legislature.  The Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas is specifically to be construed as being cumulative with all existing federal, state, applicable county, and town laws, ordinances and regulations now existing or hereafter adopted, or as amended from time to time. The Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas shall not be construed as an authorization for any construction which is now or hereafter prohibited by federal, state, applicable county, or other town laws, ordinances, or regulations. In the event of any inconsistency between said code and this chapter, this chapter shall prevail.

(Ord. No. 92-9, 8, 7-21-92; Ord. 96-1, 9, 10-17-95; Ord. 98-6, 5, 4-21-98; Ord. No. 12-02, 10, 11-21-11)

Sec. 6‑91. Jurisdiction of building official.

The building official inspector shall have jurisdiction over the installing of all gas pipes within buildings. (Code 1962, 17‑1; Ord. 96-1, 10, 10-17-95)

Secs. 6‑92–6‑101. Reserved.