Sec. 6‑74. Florida Building Code, Plumbing.

There is hereby adopted by reference and incorporated herein as fully and completely as though set out at length, the Florida Building Code adopted by the Florida Legislature.  The Florida Building Code, Plumbing Code Council, Inc. is specifically to be construed as being cumulative with all existing federal, state, applicable county, and town laws, ordinances and regulations now existing or hereafter adopted, or amended from time to time. The Florida Building Code, Plumbing shall not be construed as an authorization for any construction which is now or hereafter prohibited by federal, state, applicable county, or other town laws, ordinances, or regulations.

(Code 1962, 9‑13, 22‑1; Ord. No. 87‑22, 1, 11‑17‑87; Ord. No. 92-9, 7, 7-21-92; Ord. 96-1, 8, 10-17-95; Ord. 12-02, 9, 11-21-11)


*State law reference – Similar provisions.  Plumbing generally, F.S. 553.01 et seq.

Sec. 6‑75. Definitions for purposes of code.

Wherever reference is made in the plumbing code adopted hereby to the “plumbing inspection department” or the “plumbing official,” it shall be construed to mean the building inspection department and the building official, respectively.

Sec. 6‑76. Master or journeyman to supervise work.

Every plumbing job shall be under the direct supervision of a certified master or journeyman plumber who shall remain on the job in charge at all times; provided, that this requirement shall not apply to a home owner doing plumbing work on his own residence. (Code 1962, 22‑26)

Sec. 6‑77. Failure to make required sewer connection.

 Any property owner who is required by the plumbing code to connect his premises to a public sewer and who fails to make such connection within thirty (30) days after notice from the building official that such connection is required shall be guilty of a violation of this Code of ordinances. (Code 1962, 22‑79)

Sec. 6‑78. Septic tanks if sewer not available.

Septic tanks may be used in locations not served by a sanitary sewer. All septic tanks hereafter installed shall conform in every respect to the regulations of the State Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. Plans and specifications shall be furnished upon request by the building official. (Code 1962, 22‑78)

Sec. 6‑79. Sewage system approval prerequisite to certificate of occupancy.

No certificate of occupancy shall be granted until the sewage disposal system has been approved by the building official. (Code 1962, 9‑1)

Secs. 6‑80–6‑89. Reserved.