Sec. 2‑163. Statute adopted.

 The town council hereby adopts by reference Section 112.061, Florida Statutes. Any provision hereinafter contained which may be in conflict with said statute shall prevail over said statute to the extent of the conflict. (Res. No. 9‑73, 1, 8‑21‑73)

Sec. 2‑164. Personnel covered.

 The policies set forth herein are applicable to members of the town council, members of boards and committees appointed by the town council which are solely responsible to the town council, town officials appointed by the town council, and employees appointed by the town manager or by department heads subject to his discretion. (Res. No. 9‑73, 2, 8‑21‑73; Ord. No. 01-06, 1, 3-20-01)

Sec. 2‑165. Activities covered; family members excluded.

 (a) This article shall apply to those expenditures incurred which are related to the performance of the official duties of town officials and employees, including but not limited to meetings with governmental officials, meetings with civic groups, seminars and training programs, pick‑up or delivery of parts and equipment, recruiting personnel, community promotion, official conventions, and any other activities related to the completion of assigned or official duties.

(b) Reimbursement for expenses for the following activities is specifically prohibited: attendance at political rallies or events held for the specific purpose of promoting the candidacy of an individual for public office, and, except as otherwise specified herein, expenses incurred by members of an official’s or an employee’s family.

(c)  No funds shall be reimbursed or paid to the mayor or any councilmember for expenses incurred within Brevard County, Florida, except as provided for under Section 2-165(e).

(d)  Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to meals consumed within Brevard County, lodging expenses at a location within Brevard County, and per diem for entire days spent within Brevard County.

(e)  Reimbursement to the mayor and councilmembers for the following expenses shall be permitted:

(1)  Seminar, meeting, or conference registration fees, hotel/motel costs and travel outside of Brevard County, as approved by the town council;

(2)     Meal and drink reimbursement for attendance by the mayor/councilmember and said individual’s spouse or guest at the Space Coast League of Cities annual dinner meeting hosted by the town.

(Res. No. 9‑73, 3, 8‑21‑73; Ord. 94-5, 3, 5-17-94; Ord. 96-12, 1, 8-20-96; Ord. No. 01-06, 2, 3-20-01; Ord. No. 17-15, 2, 9-13-17)

 Sec. 2‑166. Budgetary limitations.

Travel is authorized where budgeted. In the event a member of council, the town attorney, or the town manager finds that it is necessary to incur travel expenses which are in addition to the scope and intent of the adopted budget, specific authorization must be secured from the town council. In the event an employee of the town appointed by the town manager or by a department head subject to the

direction of the manager finds that it is necessary to incur travel expenses which are beyond the scope or intent of the budget, a written request shall be filed with the town manager with an explanation of the need for the expenditure together with a suggested source of funding for the town manager’s approval. (Res. No. 9‑73, 6, 8‑21‑73; Ord. No. 01-06, 3, 3-20-01)

Sec. 2‑167. Council to approve out of state travel.

 All out of state travel must be approved by the town council. (Res. No. 9‑78, 1, 7‑25‑78)

Sec. 2‑168. Advance authorized.

A travel advance may be secured if a request is filed with the town manager not less than twenty‑four (24) hours prior to the departure. The amount requested shall not exceed the anticipated expenses for the travel. (Res. No. 9‑73, 5, 8‑21 ‑73)

 Sec. 2‑169. Route, mode and arrangements for transportation.

 All travel must be by a usually traveled route. In the event a person travels by an indirect route for his convenience, any extra cost shall be borne by the traveler, and reimbursement for expenses shall be made accordingly. All arrangements for air transportation by the town council or persons appointed by the town council shall be made through the town manager. Air travel shall be by coach class, except when coach class is not available to maintain a convenient travel schedule as determined by the town manager. In the event a privately owned vehicle is used for official travel, the vehicle owner shall be entitled to a mileage rate at the same rate established by state statute. The town council or members of boards or committees shall not be entitled to reimbursement for automobile travel within Brevard County, Florida. Employees appointed by the town manager shall be entitled to reimbursement for automobile travel incurred in the course of carrying out official town duties, excluding meetings held in the town, where a town vehicle is not available. If travel is outside the state, reimbursement shall be the equivalent of round trip coach air fare, in lieu of the prevailing vehicle mileage rate. (Res. No. 9‑73, 8, 8‑21‑73; Ord. No. 83‑327, 1, 3‑15‑83; Ord. 01-06, 4, 3-20-01)

Sec. 2-170. When reimbursement for meals and beverages permitted.

Reimbursement for meal and beverage expenses incurred which relate to employees and persons other than those in the employment of the town are authorized in the following instances:  Recruitment of personnel, hosting special visitors to the town, and expenses incurred in the course of advocating county, state and federal legislation.  (Res. No. 9-73, 4, 8-21-73)

 Sec. 2‑171. Alcoholic beverages excluded.

 There shall be no reimbursement for alcoholic beverages. (Res. No. 9‑73, 8, 8‑21‑73)

Sec. 2‑172. Per diem allowed.

 If the individual does not elect to itemize expenses under section 2‑173 below, a per diem allowance of thirty‑five dollars ($35.00) per day is authorized. Computation for per diem shall be based on six (6) hour periods on the first and last days of travel. Per diem allowance will be granted only if overnight lodging is required. (Res. No. 9‑73, 7, 8‑21‑73; Res. No. 9‑78, 2, 7‑25‑78)

Sec. 2‑173. Itemizing of expenses.

 For travel expenses where per diem allowance is not selected or for other authorized expenses, the claimant will request reimbursement by submitting to the town a form showing the mode of transportation, meals and lodging and miscellaneous expenses claimed. Receipts, vouchers and paid bills must be attached to each claim except when impractical to obtain, such as for tips and baggage handling charges.  Town employees shall receive the following amounts for meals and any tips paid with regard to meals:  $6.00 – breakfast; $11.00 – lunch; and $19.00 – dinner, rather than reimbursement for receipted cost except as provided for in Section 2-170.   (Res. No. 9‑73, 8, 8‑21‑73; Ord. No. 01-06, 5, 3-20-01; Ord. 06-13, 1, 8-15-06)

Sec. 2‑174.   Repealed

(Ord. No. 01-06, 6, 3-20-01)

Sec. 2‑175. Administration by manager.

 The town manager is designated as the approving authority for all claims for reimbursement for official travel including per diem, subject to review by the town council if an appeal is made by someone other than an employee. The criterion to be followed is whether or not the claim is reasonable; i.e., a reflection of the actual allowable expenses incurred by the traveler without extravagance. For example, when a price range is offered by hotels, the medium or lower rate is appropriate and, as prescribed in section 2‑165 above, no reimbursement may be claimed for dependents. The town manager shall also establish procedures necessary to implement this article, to assure accountability of funds expended and to keep any necessary records for budget, training and audit purposes. (Res. No. 9‑73, 10, 8‑21‑73; Ord. No. 01-06, 7, 3-20-01)

Sec. 2‑176. Repealed.

(Ord. No. 01-06, 8, 3-20-01)

 Secs. 2‑177‑‑2‑186. Reserved.