Sec. 2‑150. Position established.

The position of town clerk is hereby established. (Ord. No. 204, 1, 10‑19‑76)

Charter reference – Office of town clerk, 4.06

Sec. 2‑151. Appointment, removal.

The town clerk shall be appointed (subject to approval of the council) and removed by the town manager.

(Ord. No. 204, 2, 10‑19‑76; Ord. No. 97-5, 3, 5-6-97; Ord. No. 01-07, 6, 4-17-01)

Sec. 2‑152. Powers, duties.

The town clerk shall give notice of the meetings of the town council; shall keep the minutes of its proceedings; shall be custodian of the Town’s seal; and shall maintain all ordinances and resolutions passed by the town council. He shall have the power to administer oaths and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the town manager. (Ord. No. 204, 2, 10‑19‑76)

Charter reference‑‑Town clerk as acting town manager, 3.02.

Secs. 2‑153‑‑2‑162. Reserved.