Sec. 2‑137. Appointment, removal.

 The council shall appoint a town manager, who shall be the chief administrative officer of the town, responsible to the town council for all town affairs placed in his charge by said council or pursuant to the charter. He may be removed by a majority vote of the entire council, in the best interests of the town, without the necessity of showing cause or a prior hearing. (Code 1962, 2‑40; Ord. No. 247, 7, 5‑15‑79)

Charter reference‑‑Similar provisions, 3.01.

Sec. 2‑138. Qualifications.

The town manager shall be a United States citizen who has reached his majority, appointed on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications. (Code 1962, 2‑41; Ord. No. 247, 7, 5‑15‑79)

Charter reference‑‑Similar provisions, 3.01.

Sec. 2‑139. Powers and duties; appointment of town officers.

 The town manager’s powers and duties shall be as provided in the charter. Such powers and duties include, among others, the appointment and removal, subject to any and all applicable civil service rules and regulations, if any, of the building official, the town clerk, the finance director, the chief of police, the fire chief, and all other town personnel, with the exception of the town attorney, who shall be appointed by the town council.  With regard to the head of a town administrative unit (i.e. department head) the town manager’s appointment shall be subject to confirmation by the town council.

In addition, the town manager shall have such powers and duties as may from time to time beassigned to him by the town council.

(Code 1962, 2‑42; Ord. No. 247, 7, 5‑15‑79; Ord. No. 97-5, 2, 5-6-97; Ord. 01-07, 5, 4-17-01)

Charter reference--Powers and duties of manager, 3.03.

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