Sec. 2‑123. Compensation.

 The compensation of the mayor shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00) per calendar month, so long as the mayor serves the entire month.  For months during which the mayor serves less than one full calendar month, the amount of compensation shall be computed by multiplying $200 times a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of days during a calendar month that the mayor serves and the denominator of which is 30.  At no time shall the rate of compensation be increased before the date on which the next regular town election occurs or would occur but for a lack of opposed candidates.  The Mayor may decline to accept any monthly compensation payment.  Said action shall be treated by the Town as a non-payment of compensation.  Any decision to decline compensation must be in writing by the Mayor and filed with the town clerk.   (Code 1962, 2‑12; Ord. No. 88‑4, 1, 1‑26‑88; Ord. 94-5, 2, 5-17-94; Ord. No. 07-09, 1, 5-15-07;  Ord. No. 10-08, 2, 6-15-10)

Charter reference‑‑Compensation of mayor to be established by ordinance, 2.04.

Sec. 2‑124. General powers and duties.

 The mayor shall be a voting member and the presiding officer of the town council and the titular head of the town. The mayor is recognized as head of the town government for ceremonial purposes, for the purposes of service of civil process and for purposes of military law. He shall execute all instruments to which the town is a party as the town council may direct, unless otherwise provided by the charter or by law. (Code 1962, 2‑31; Ord. No. 247, 6, 5‑15‑79)

Charter reference‑‑Similar provisions, 2.05.

Sec. 2‑125. Specific powers and duties.

In addition to the powers and duties prescribed by the charter or elsewhere in this Code, the mayor shall:

(a)  Hold the keys to the town and bestow them tovisiting dignitaries within his sole discretion.

(b)  Exercise all other powers and authority as may be vested in the mayor by virtue of the charter, laws of the State of Florida, or delegated by the council pursuant to any authority under the charter.

(c)  Recommend to the council for adoption such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient.

(d)  Perform such other duties as may be required of him by act of the council. (Code 1962,   2‑31;Ord. No. 247, 6, 5‑15‑79)

Sec. 2‑126. Deputy mayor to act in absence or disability.

 During the absence or disability of the mayor, the deputy mayor shall exercise all the powers of the mayor and shall be charged with all the responsibilities of the mayor. (Code 1962, 2‑32)

Charter reference‑‑Similar provisions, 2.02(5).

 Secs. 2‑127‑‑2‑136. Reserved.