Chapter 12 POLICE


Sec. 12‑1. Composition of department.

The police department shall consist of a chief of police and such number of subordinate police officers as may from time to time be authorized by the town manager, subject to budgetary approval by the town council. (Code 1962, 23‑1; Ord. No. 247, 20, 5‑15‑79; Ord. 97-5, 8, 5-6-97)

Sec. 12‑2. Chief to head department, subject to manager and civil service.

The chief of police shall be head of the police department and the chief law enforcement officer of the town. He shall be respon­sible to the town manager. The police chief shall perform such duties as may be set forth in this code or Florida law, the police chief’s job description, and as directed by the town manager. (Code 1962, 23‑3; Ord. No. 247, 22, 5‑15‑79; Ord. 97-5, 9, 5-6-97)

Sec. 12‑3. Specific powers, duties of chief.

The chief of police shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) He shall appoint his subordinates, subject to applicable civil service rules and regulations.

(b) He, or his designated representative, shall attend all meet­ings of the council.

(c) He shall be responsible to the town manager and make such reports as the town manager or council may require. (Code 1962, 23‑2; Ord No. 247, 22, 5‑15‑79)

Sec. 12‑4. Repealed

(Ord. No. 247, 22, 5‑15‑79; Ord. No. 17-05, 2, 3/8/17)

Secs. 12‑5–12‑14. Reserved.


*Cross references–Court costs for law enforcement education, 1‑10; civil service for policemen, 2‑201; police to attend polling places during elections, 2‑77; police to attend, keep order at council meetings, 2‑108; pension plan for police officers and firefighters, 2‑226 et seq.; alarm systems, 6‑128 et seq.; police powers of commanding fire department officer at a fire, 7‑8; false alarms or calls for emergency services, 10‑9; impersonating officers, 10‑15; interfering with officers, 10‑16; trespass or interference with police department property, 10‑19; damaging or misuse of police signal system, 10‑20; regulation of private detectives, 10‑22; declaration of states of emergency, 10‑25.


Secs. 12‑15–12‑31. Reserved.


Secs. 12-32-12-41. Reserved.


*Editor’s note–Article II, 12‑15–12‑21, pertaining to retirement for police officers, has been deleted as being superseded by Ordinance No. 89‑15, included herein as Ch. 2, Art. IX, Div. 3, 2‑226–2‑234. Former Article II derived from Ord. No. 185, 1-5, adopted Sept. 16, 1975; Ord. No. 279, 1, adopted April 15, 1980 and Ord. No. 83‑324, 1, adopted Jan. 3, 1983.

**Editor’s note-Article III, 12-32 – 12-41, pertaining to an Auxiliary Police Force, has been deleted as being obsolete. (Ord. No. 17-05, 3, 3/8/17)