Forms & Applications

Caution: The forms and applications below are for property owners, residents and businesses located within the geographic confines of the Town of Indialantic. The Town’s approximate boundaries are Miami Avenue to the south and Watson Avenue to the north [refer to map]. Although properties north of this area have mailing addresses of Indialantic, they come under other governmental jurisdictions.  If you are not sure if the property is within Town limits, contact Indialantic Town Hall at 723-2242.

Building/Construction Forms

Building Permit Application Package


Owner authorization for variance

Site Plan Application

Forms for Businesses

B.T.R. Application Package

Alarm Permit
>Permanent Sign Permit
>Banner Request Permit
>Transient Sign Permit
>Home-Based Business Tax Application
>Apartment/Motel Permit
>Vending Machine Permit

Forms for Events & Rentals


Special Event request

Misc. Forms

Board and Committee Application

Portable on Demand (POD) Application

House Check Form