November, 2015

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November, 2015

November 12, 2015

1. Intergovernmental Activity:
a. NPDES: The permit application for the upcoming five-year period has been submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (07/17/12) Approval for the period 01/01/13 to 12/31/17 was issued. (11/20/12)
b. US-192/Riverside Drive: FDOT has indicated a willingness to re-examine traffic movement at the intersection toward possibly restricting N. Riverside Drive motorists from turning west onto US-192 while S. Riverside Drive motorists have a green light to turn west onto US-192. (03/19/13) FDOT has agreed to check the structural integrity of the mast arm to ensure that it will support the restricted right-turn indicator. Additionally, they will determine if they can impose the restriction in conjunction with the northbound Riverside Drive green whereby S. Riverside Drive motorists are turning west onto US-192. (03/24/14) FDOT has indicated the ability to address this request. (06/11/14) FDOT has been requested to perform the work. (09/16/14)
c. Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Bridge: Work to commence on the lower concrete portions of the bridge spans from 9/22/14 through November, 2015. There will be a night-time lane closure periodically. (09/16/14) Resurfacing will start at Babcock Street and continue east to the easternmost foot of the bridge. (11/12/15)
d. SR-A1A Resurfacing: FDOT plans in FY-16 to resurface SR-A1A from US-192/SR-500 to south of the Pineda Causeway. (08/21/12) FDOT has agreed to also resurface those portions of the SR-A1A right-of-way that taper into the side streets. The finished product will consist of a 10 ½’ inside travel lane on SR-A1A, an 11’ outside lane, and a 4’ bicycle lane. (02/19/13) Plans will be reviewed by FDOT by November, 2015. (08/12/15)
e. Water Franchise Agreement: The current Water Franchise Agreement between the Town of Indialantic and the City of Melbourne expires in mid-2017. To avoid any last minute issues the City has been requested to review the document and forward a draft to the Town with changes that are needed. (05/20/14) The Town has engaged Anthony Garganese. (06/11/14)
f. SR-A1A Pedestrian Crossing at Watson Drive: Council’s request was submitted to FDOT. (02/11/15) FDOT to respond by April 3. (03/11/15) Council to receive FDOT response on 8/12/15. (08/12/15) The Engineer was consulted and Council will consider the proposal on 9/9/15. (09/09/15) FDOT was advised to proceed with plans to install the raised concrete median and crosswalk immediately north of Watson Drive. (10/07/15)
g. Tsunami Ready: Chief Flamm reports that the County Emergency Management office is working with the County Tourism Development Office regarding implementation of consistent signage toward making the beachside tsunami ready. (09/16/14)
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Town Manager’s Report
h. Melbourne Beach Fire Dispatch: The Agreement was executed on January 26, 2015 and recorded the following day. (02/11/15) It was extended to September 30, 2016. (07/08/15) Service is being provided. (08/12/15)
i. Rip Current Signs: Public Works has installed new rip current signs at each public beach access point within the Town. The new signs were provided by the County, at no cost. They have a Quick Response code and a telephone number so beach patrons can access locations of lifeguarded beaches as well as receive emergency text alerts should inclement weather be approaching. (05/13/15)
2. Fiscal Activity:
a. Orlando Park: Staff is preparing a grant application for the FY-15 cycle for FRDAP monies to replace the picnic shelter (approximately 24’ x 36’) and to resurface the basketball courts in the park. (8/20/13) The application was submitted to FDEP. (10/15/13) The application is ranked 23 out of 51 small projects. (02/18/14) Informally the State has indicated that the project has been funded. (06/11/14) The grant agreement was received. (07/15/14) Staff is securing prices for the basketball court resurfacing and picnic shelter. (12/10/14) Basketball court resurfacing purchase order issued. (01/07/15) The basketball courts have been resurfaced and the swing set brackets have been ordered. (03/11/15) The swing set brackets have been installed and the picnic shelter (24’ x 36’) ordered. (04/08/15) The picnic shelter has been completed. Picnic tables need to be delivered and play items selected. (07/08/15) Play items are on order. (08/12/15) The climbing wall and race car have been installed. (09/09/15) Both small race cars have been installed. The project has been completed. Staff will soon request reimbursement. (10/07/15)
b. FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grant: An application was submitted for $82,454 Federal monies with a $4,340 local match to enable the fire department to meet P-25 radio requirements. (01/07/15)
c. FMIT grant: The Town was awarded a grant from the Florida League in the amount of up to $3,000 for ½ of the cost for an in-car camera for police. (03/11/15)
d. Police Laptops: The Police Department has secured a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle grant that should net the Town approximately $3,000 toward the $4,952 budgeted to replace laptops in Town police cars. (02/18/14)
e. Wavecrest Avenue Sidewalk Extension: The County has authorized the expenditure of $39,500 of TIFT monies to extend the sidewalk from dune crossover #16 (aka Fourteenth Avenue) to SR-A1A. An FDEP Field Permit has been secured. (07/08/15) Based on some local resident concerns the project has been abandoned. (09/09/15)

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Town Manager’s Report
f. Lily Drainage Project: A grant application has been submitted to FDEP to advance this project. (11/12/15)
3. Organizational Activity:
a. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under S. Ramona Avenue at 10th Avenue failed and was replaced at a cost of $28,077. (06/10/15)
b. Storm Sewer Inlets: The grate seating was replaced at the southeast corner of 10th and S. Shannon ($1,288) and the rusted grate was replaced at the southeast corner of Magnolia Drive and Orlando Blvd. (01/07/15)
c. Swales: A swale has been added to the Wayne Avenue side of 700 N. Shannon Avenue and to the south side of Watson Drive at Block 56, Lots 13 & 14. (08/19/14)
d. Drainage: The use of drainage retention areas is being explored as an alternative to placing street drainage into the Indian River. (09/09/15)
e. Generator: Staff is considering an option to replace the existing Town Hall emergency generator—estimate is $61,044. (09/16/14) $63,801 (02/11/15) The order has been placed. (03/11/15) The generator is in place and is almost ready to be placed in service. (06/10/15) It is operational. (07/08/15)
f. Stormwater Inlets: A contractor has removed material from 10 of the 167 inlets. (02/18/14) Ten additional inlets have been cleaned. (04/21/14) Twelve additional inlets have been cleaned. (05/20/14) Six additional inlets have been cleaned—on Tradewinds Terrace. (09/16/14) Twenty-two inlets were cleaned. (04/08/15) Six inlets were cleared in June. (07/08/15) Additional inlets have been cleared along S. Ramona Ave. (08/12/15)
g. Street Resurfacing: The FY-16 list of streets to be resurfaced has been approved by Council—i.e. 200 blocks of Chalet and Seventh avenues, 200 block of Orlando Boulevard, and the 400 blocks of Eleventh and Twelfth avenues. (09/09/15) Resurfacing work has been completed. (11/12/15)
h. Street Patching: Aardvark will apply patches to a portion of 12th Terrace, east of Ramona Avenue, and near 141 3rd Avenue. (05/13/15) The patches at 12th Terrace and S. Ramona Avenue and the 3rd Avenue patch have been completed. (06/10/15)
i. Brazilian Pepper Trees: Public Works personnel will be removing Brazilian Pepper trees from behind the sand volleyball seats in Nance Park. (11/12/15)
j. Scaevola: Scaevola Taccada plants have been removed from a small area north of dune crossover #3 by a volunteer. Additional work of this nature is expected to progress. (11/12/15)
k. Lily Park: Melaleuca trees (3) within Lily Park have been removed by Public Works personnel. (11/12/15)