May, 2014

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May, 2014

May 20, 2014

1. Intergovernmental Activity:
a. PSFE Requirements: Staff will meet with other municipalities to assess changes needed to the Interlocal Agreement with the County and School District to allow municipalities to comply with State law enabling municipalities to lessen Comprehensive Plan requirements as they relate to the Public School Facilities Element (PSFE), Capital Improvement Element (CIE), and Intergovernmental Cooperation Element (ICE). (02/21/12) Planners to meet and assess benefits to down-sizing. (08/20/13)
b. NPDES: The permit application for the upcoming five-year period has been submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (07/17/12) Approval for the period 01/01/13 to 12/31/17 was issued. (11/20/12)
c. US-192/Riverside Drive: FDOT has indicated a willingness to re-examine traffic movement at the intersection toward possibly restricting N. Riverside Drive motorists from turning west onto US-192 while S. Riverside Drive motorists have a green light to turn west onto US-192. (03/19/13) FDOT has agreed to check the structural integrity of the mast arm to ensure that it will support the restricted right-turn indicator. Additionally, they will determine if they can impose the restriction in conjunction with the northbound Riverside Drive green whereby S. Riverside Drive motorists are turning west onto US-192. (03/24/14)
d. SR-A1A Resurfacing: FDOT plans in FY-16 to resurface SR-A1A from US-192/SR-500 to south of the Pineda Causeway. (08/21/12) FDOT has agreed to also resurface those portions of the SR-A1A right-of-way that taper into the side streets. The finished product will consist of a 10 ½’ inside travel lane on SR-A1A, an 11’ outside lane, and a 4’ bicycle lane. (02/19/13)
e. Pedestrian Crossing Signs: FDOT prefers using the notification to motorists that they must yield to pedestrians when the pedestrian is in the crosswalk thereby providing consistency. They note having used other types of signs in the past with limited success at best. FDOT is considering a corridor-based sign approach to lessen any confusion for motorists. (03/19/13)
f. Staff Involvement: The Town Manager was re-elected as Chair of the Brevard County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Steering Committee. This group develops the LMS Plan and prioritizes post disaster monies that are made available to jurisdictions in the County. (01/21/14)
g. N. Riverside Drive: The County is intending to reconstruct N. Riverside Drive from the Eau Gallie Causeway to US-192; however, the portion within the Town of Indialantic may not be reconstructed based on the results of core tests. The portion in Town was milled and resurfaced in early 2009 with Federal Stimulus money. (04/21/14)

h. Water Franchise Agreement: The current Water Franchise Agreement between the Town of Indialantic and the City of Melbourne expires in mid-2017. To avoid any last minute issues the City has been requested to review the document and forward a draft to the Town with changes that are needed. The Town Manager will provide Council, for approval, with the name of an attorney to engage to assist in the process as it evolves. (05/20/14)
2. Fiscal Activity:
a. Florida League of Cities Grant: The Town received an award notice for $3,723 to cover ½ of the cost for the in-car police camera and ½ of the cost for certain Public Works safety items. (12/17/13)
b. Orlando Park: Staff is preparing a grant application for the FY-15 cycle for FRDAP monies to replace the picnic shelter (approximately 24’ x 36’) and to resurface the basketball courts in the park. (8/20/13) The application was submitted to FDEP. (10/15/13) The application is ranked 23 out of 51 small projects. (02/18/14)
c. FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grant: An application for $45,838 Federal monies with a $2,412 local match for the following: $25,250 for 10 sets of bunker gear; $15,000 for Firefighting training for volunteers; and $8,000 for the cascade fill station to meet NFPA standards, which was not funded. (06/15/11) The application was revised to include air packs but later denied. (02/21/12) A new grant application for bunker gear, training, and air bottle support has been submitted. (07/17/12) A new application was submitted but only the training portion was approved. (06/25/13) An application was submitted for 10 sets of bunker gear for $22,860 and for a cascade fill station $16,624–total grant of $39,484 (local share being $1,974). (12/17/13)
d. Fire House Painting: The Sheriff’s Department has been contacted as to the feasibility of having prison personnel paint the town’s fire station. (09/17/13) Staff is exploring the cost for prison labor to paint the fire station. (10/15/13) Private sector estimate of $7,444 with 7 year material and labor warranty. Sheriff’s Department estimate of $4,000 using the town’s pressure washer with no warranties. (12/17/13)
e. Bench: The Town received a donation of $725.51 to install a bench at crossover #15 in memory of Daniel Earp. (03/24/14)
f. Bench: The Town received a donation of $897.51 to install a bench at Tampa Avenue (aka Sea) Park in memory of Jennifer Carroll. (05/20/14)
g. Police Laptops: The Police Department has secured a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle grant that should net the Town approximately $3,000 toward the $4,952 budgeted to replace laptops in Town police cars. (02/18/14)
3. Organizational Activity:
a. Storm drainpipe failure: Under Eighth Avenue east of S. Ramona Avenue costing $23,208.70. (01/17/12)
b. Storm drainpipe failure: Under Orlando Boulevard east of S. Riverside Drive costing $6,256. (06/19/12) Under Third Avenue east of N. Ramona Avenue costing $15,427.50. (09/18/12) Under N. Shannon Avenue north of Third Avenue costing $15,758. (10/16/12)
c. Storm drainage failure: The storm drainpipe under N. Ramona Avenue at Third Avenue will be replaced at a cost of $16,449. (04/21/14) The work has been completed. (05/20/14)
d. Orlando Park: The track slide has deteriorated causing the need to replace the ends and center slide movement. (03/24/14) The climbing wall has broken resulting in an end panel being removed for repair. (04/21/14) The repair has been completed and the wall is fully back in service. (05/20/14)
e. Riverside Park: The swing was vandalized resulting in the metal poles being welded by Smitty’s. The swing is operational again. (01/21/14) The swing was vandalized again and welded by Smitty’s. (04/21/14) Two lights along the pier were vandalized and replaced. (05/20/14)
f. Sidewalk Repair: Potentially hazardous sidewalk sections are being identified for repair. (02/18/14) Sidewalk sections were repaired on 2nd, 4th, N. Palm, S. Shannon, and Wavecrest avenues. (03/24/14)
g. Curb Repair: Failing curbs at 705 and 1301 S. Ramona Avenue have been replaced. (04/21/14)
h. Speed Limit Signs: Speed limit signs were replaced on South Riverside Drive, North & South Shannon avenues, South Palm Avenue, and North and South Ramona avenues. (04/21/14) Signs have been replaced on N. Palm Ave. and Magnolia Drive. (05/20/14)
i. Street Signs: All of the black street signs have been replaced. (05/20/14)
j. Dune Crossover Expansion/Renovation: Crossover #11 has been renovated. The renovations and adding a 4’ x 8’ seating area on dune crossovers #10, #12 and the Watson Drive crossover (similar to the widening and renovations at the Tampa Avenue dune crossover) have been completed. The FDEP Field permit has been secured to provide the paver access from Wavecrest Avenue to crossover #16 and to connect CO #16 with a concrete walking surface to the south end of the parking lot on the east side of Wavecrest Avenue. (03/24/14) The detectable warning device and the paver walkway have been installed at the access to dune crossover #16. (04/21/14)
k. Stormwater Inlets: A contractor has removed material from 10 of the 167 inlets. (02/18/14) Ten additional inlets have been cleaned. (04/21/14) Twelve additional inlets have been cleaned. (05/20/14)
l. Street Resurfacing: VA Paving, Inc. has resurfaced the 400 and 500 blocks of Watson Drive and the 400 block of Tenth Avenue as approved by Council. (12/17/13)
m. Wavecrest Park Extended: A bike rack was purchased and installed to replace the one that fell apart at crossover #16. (05/20/14)