February, 2013

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February, 2013

February 19, 2013

1. Intergovernmental Activity:
a. 2nd and Palm avenues: Council approved the County installing a sewer force main along portions of 2nd and Palm avenues in June, 2000, with work commencing by RKT, in October, 2001. Failures have occurred along the route of the pipe. The County sued RKT’s bonding company and recently won in court. RKT’s insurer has appealed the decision. (01/18/11) Court has set 7/7/11 as the date to receive the initial brief. (06/21/11) The County Attorney’s Office has noted that the case is still with the Fifth District Court of Appeals awaiting reply briefs from RKT and the Surety with oral arguments expected before the end of the year. A final decision is expected by the end of March, 2012. (10/18/11) The County and RKT insurer have resolved the matter and will develop a plan with the Town to address the deficiencies. (06/19/12) The County notes that they expect improvements to be scheduled after January, 2013. (10/16/12) County/Town meeting is being scheduled for December. (11/20/12) County forces will start re-compacting the pipe under the 400 and 300 blocks of Second Avenue in late January or early February and continue south on Palm Avenue. The disturbed area will be repaved and eventually the street will be re-surfaced. (12/18/12)
b. PSFE Requirements: Staff will meet with other municipalities to assess changes needed to the Interlocal Agreement with the County and School District to allow municipalities to comply with State law enabling municipalities to lessen Comprehensive Plan requirements as they relate to the Public School Facilities Element (PSFE), Capital Improvement Element (CIE), and Intergovernmental Cooperation Element (ICE). (02/21/12)
c. Tower: The City of Melbourne is planning to remove the water tower on S. Palm Avenue. It has been reported that the system does not need the tower and the tower is deteriorating. (04/19/11) AT&T and the City of Melbourne have determined to not proceed with a monopole on the water tower site with AT&T providing service through other means. (09/18/12) The water tower has been removed. (12/18/12) The site has been sodded. (02/19/13)
d. NPDES: MS4 fourth year report submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (07/17/12)
e. NPDES: The permit application for the upcoming five-year period has been submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (07/17/12) Approval for the period 01/01/13 to 12/31/17 was issued. (11/20/12)
f. Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Bridge: FDOT plans in FY-14 to perform work on the bridge near the water line. No work is planned for the driving surface. (08/21/12)
g. LMS: The Town Manager has been re-elected to serve as the Chair of Brevard Prepares, which is the Local Mitigation Strategy Steering Committee for the County. Brevard Prepares is intended to decrease the vulnerability of citizens, gov’t, and businesses to the negative impacts of disasters. (12/18/12)
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h. SR-A1A Resurfacing: FDOT plans in FY-16 to resurface SR-A1A from US-192/SR-500 to south of the Pineda Causeway. (08/21/12) FDOT has agreed to also resurface those portions of the SR-A1A right-of-way that taper into the side streets. The finished product will consist of a 10 ½’ inside travel lane on SR-A1A, an 11’ outside lane, and a 4’ bicycle lane. (02/19/13)
i. Employee Survey: Survey results of employees who were provided a survey instrument: 19.5% believe that favoritism exists; 19.5% believe that employees are not valued; 12.2% express concern about Council politics; 12.2% believe that the organization supports “business as usual”; 9.8% reflect low morale; 9.8% note that additional money is needed for training. Issues of focus need to be improved communication, avoiding favoritism (or the appearance), and an indication of appreciation/recognition of employee value. A committee is being established of employee representatives to meet on a regular basis with the Town Manager to improve communications and lessen any false impressions that might exist. This two-way communication mechanism will better determine the extent of concern expressed through the survey and work toward making improvements. Manager training is being explored. (12/18/12) The Two-Way Communications Committee met and reviewed areas to improve communications with employees and address some concerns previously identified by some employees. (02/19/13)
2. Fiscal Activity:
a. FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grant: The fire chief submitted an application for $45,838 Federal monies with a $2,412 local match for the following: $25,250 for 10 sets of bunker gear; $15,000 for Firefighting training for volunteers; and $8,000 for the cascade fill station to meet NFPA standards, which was not funded. (06/15/11) The application was revised to include air packs. (10/18/11) The grant application was denied. (02/21/12) A new grant application for bunker gear, training, and air bottle support has been submitted. (07/17/12)
b. FMIT grant monies: The Town has secured a grant in the amount of $2,500 toward the purchase of the in-car camera for the Chevy Tahoe. (11/20/12)
c. TIFT monies: Staff is seeking TIFT monies for an additional sidewalk. (11/21/11) The TIFT Technical Advisory Committee for the South Beaches approved the request to provide a sidewalk along Wavecrest Avenue from the south end of the parking area to Fourteenth Avenue. (12/20/11) The engineer is checking on FDEP requirements. (01/17/12) The Brevard Board of County Commissioners approved the committee recommendation and the Town has secured an FDEP field permit. (02/21/12) Council determined not to spend the money to install a sidewalk along Wavecrest Avenue south of the existing parking area to 14th Avenue. (03/20/12)

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d. Orlando Park: A request for the State to roll-over the FY-12 Orlando Park improvement FRDAP grant was submitted for consideration. The project consists of adding play items and providing improved pedestrian access at the northeast and southeast corners of the park. (08/21/12) The project has been ranked #5 in the Small Projects category. (02/19/13)
3. Organizational Activity:
a. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under Eighth Avenue east of S. Ramona Avenue has failed and there is also evidence of a dimple to the south near the center of Eighth Avenue. Replacement cost is $23,208.70. (12/20/11) The pipe has been replaced. (01/17/12)
b. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under Orlando Boulevard east of S. Riverside Drive failed and was repaired for $6,256. (06/19/12)
c. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under Third Avenue east of N. Ramona Avenue has failed. Work is progressing to replace it at a cost of $15,427.50. (08/21/12) The pipe was replaced. (09/18/12)
d. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under N. Shannon Avenue north of Third Avenue has failed. (09/18/12) The pipe has been replaced at a cost of $15,758. (10/16/12)
e. Swale: Public Works is installing a swale along the west side of N. Ramona Avenue north of Michigan Avenue to alleviate flooding concerns for the resident at 400 Michigan Avenue. The addition of this swale will assist the Town in meeting Central Indian River Lagoon Basin TMDL requirements. (07/17/12)
f. Swale: Public Works personnel installed a swale along the south side of Wayne Avenue east of N. Riverside Drive. (08/21/12)
g. Swale: Public Works personnel installed a swale at the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Watson Drive. (06/19/12)
h. Street Lights: Concerns have arisen and are being researched with regard to streetlights. Power arrives in some cases to the light pole from behind residences without an easement for the line. Concern arises when there is the desire to have the vegetation under the lines trimmed. Prescriptive easements may be obtainable—but at a cost. Some lights are not at intersections. This will probably be presented to Council at a future meeting. (10/18/11) FPL has been requested to remove the light at 138 Ormond Drive. (12/20/11) Service to the light at the northeast corner of Cocoa and S. Ramona avenues is being re-directed through the S. Ramona Avenue right-of-way. (01/17/12) The streetlight at 138 Ormond Drive has been removed. (03/20/12) FPL is taking an inventory of streetlights within the Town. (05/09/12)
i. Sidewalk Replacement: Don Bo, Inc. has replaced deteriorated sections of sidewalk along N. Palm Avenue between Wayne Avenue and Watson Drive, N. Ramona Avenue, and Fourth Avenue. (01/15/13)

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j. Striping: Public Works is expecting to contract to refresh the centerline stripes on S. Riverside Drive. (01/15/13) Centerline striping has been completed and missing reflective paving markers (RPMs) have been installed. (02/19/13)
k. Signs: By January, 2012, the Town will need to ensure that all roadway signs have been inventoried, signs regularly inspected, and a determination made as to the method to address reflectivity. By January, 2015, the Town will need to ensure that all regulatory roadway signs comply with the minimum reflectivity requirements. By January, 2018, the Town will need to ensure that all street signs comply with minimum reflectivity requirements. (03/15/11) The reflectivity requirement has been lessened to apply when signs are normally in need of being replaced. (03/20/12)
l. Orlando Park: Public Works personnel have removed the see saw and last remaining spring toy as both items have deteriorated and were unsafe. The lower portion of the tot swing legs were replaced and the steering wheel apparatus for the fire truck has been replaced. (02/19/13)
m. Tampa Crossover: Public Works personnel have replaced the steps and stringers. Plans have been received for widening to include a seating area approximately 4’ x 8’ along the south side of the top of the crossover for an estimated cost of $500 for materials with Public Works personnel completing the work. The estimated cost to purchase the pavers and have them installed is less than the cost for a concrete walkway. (11/20/12) FDEP Field Permits have been obtained. (12/18/12) The seating/observation area has been completed and the pavers have been installed providing the walkway from the driving area to the dune crossover. (02/19/13)
4. Council Matters:
a. Showers at Sea Park (i.e. Tampa Avenue): Showers using Melbourne water are projected to cost $4,500 and for a foot wash with Melbourne water the cost is projected to be $4,200. Installing a well to provide showers or a foot wash is estimated to cost $4,600. Annual costs would need to be considered with maintenance to the fixtures using either approach, additional electrical costs for a well, or monthly water bills if the city water approach was implemented. (07/17/12)
b. Showers at Sunrise Park (i.e. Watson Drive): Showers using Melbourne water are projected to cost $3,500 and for a foot wash with Melbourne water the cost is projected to be $3,200. Utilizing the existing well to provide showers or a foot wash is estimated to cost $1,278. Annual costs would need to be considered with maintenance to the fixtures using either approach, additional electrical costs utilizing the existing well, or monthly water bills if the city water approach was implemented. (07/17/12)