December 2011

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December 2011

December 2011


The Police Department responded to 249 calls for service during the month of December.

Arrests 10

Traffic Citations 112

Traffic Stops 172

Warnings 72

Capias Filed 0


The Department received 47 subpoenas for officers to appear in court



Burglaries were below average with 1 reported (average for 2010 was 1.9/month)
Larcenies were below average with 2 reported (average for 2010 was 6.8/month)
Assaults and Batteries were below average with 0 reported (average for 2010 was 2.25/month)
Robberies were above average with 1 reported (average for 2010 was 0.1/month)
Vehicle Thefts were average with 0 reported (average for 2010 was 0/month)

We maintain a proactive approach in our efforts to prevent crimes in Indialantic, however, it is impossible for us to patrol all areas of the town simultaneously. Please don’t make it easy for the criminals! Keep your cars and houses secure and continue to report any suspicious activity to the Police Department immediately.



The Police Department frequently receives calls in reference to door-to-door solicitation. Under Indialantic Town Code Section 10-17 it is only unlawful for a commercial solicitor or peddler to go in or on a private residence if the property owner or occupant has given notice that they are not interested in being approached by a peddler or solicitor. Notice may be given by posting and continuously maintaining a sign not to exceed 4” x 12” in a conspicuous location on the private residential property which states “No Soliciting” or words of a substantially similar nature. Condominium associations and owners (or their agents) of a non-condominium apartment building may post the common areas of the property as previously provided. Peddlers and solicitors are not required to be licensed by the Town and the code does not address solicitation at a business. The full text of the code can be viewed on the Town web site, or a copy can be obtained at Town Hall. “No Solicitation” signs are available for purchase from the volunteers at the Indialantic Fire Department (723-0366) for $5.00. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Community Policing Officer Ryan Deschenes, or the police department at 723-7788.