January, 2012

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January, 2012

January 17, 2012

1. Intergovernmental Activity:
a. Melbourne Causeway: FDOT has proposed replacing the easternmost relief bridge (bridge number 700037) and the parallel pair of relief bridges (bridge numbers 700173 & 700175), which are east of the Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Bridge on US-192. The plan includes monies in FY-06 for design and monies in FY-10 for construction. For the tentative FDOT Five-Year Plan the construction cost has been projected at $15.7 million. A temporary bridge will be constructed south of the existing bridge, which will protrude about 45 feet south of US-192 along Douglas Park. Preliminary plans provided by FDOT’s consultant on 2/28/07 reflect six-foot wide temporary bike/pedestrian bridges along the south side of the causeway south of the westernmost relief bridge and the easternmost relief bridge. The project proposes to have a five foot wide protected sidewalk along the north side of the westernmost relief bridge and an eight foot wide protected sidewalk along the south side of the easternmost relief bridge. A public meeting was held 6/11/07 at Eastminster Presbyterian Church. FDOT awarded the project to Johnson Brothers Contractors/Wilbur Smith & Associates with project to be completed by October, 2011. The permanent pedestrian bridge opened 7/1/10 and the lanes shifted north of it. Pile driving will no longer occur at night—only dawn to dusk. (09/16/10) Re-surfacing of pavement to occur in evening through August. (08/16/11) Johnson Brothers replaced damaged palm trees and added 15 sabal palms, 5 silver button woods, 3 east Palatka holly trees, 56 cord grass plants, and 50 sea grape plants (10/18/11)
b. 2nd and Palm avenues: Council approved the County installing a sewer force main along portions of 2nd and Palm avenues in June, 2000. Work commenced by the County’s contractor, RKT, in October, 2001. Failures have occurred along the route of the pipe. The County sued RKT’s bonding company and recently won in court. However, the appeal period has not concluded yet. Staff is meeting with County personnel to ensure that the affected portions of 2nd and Palm avenues are returned to the Town’s standards. (10/19/10) RKT’s insurer has appealed the decision. (01/18/11) Court has set 7/7/11 as the date to receive the initial brief. (06/21/11) The County Attorney’s Office has noted that the case is still with the Fifth District Cour of Appeals awaiting reply briefs from RKT and the Surety with oral arguments expected before the end of the year. A final decision is expected by the end of March, 2012. (10/18/11)
c. Staff Involvement: The Town Manager was re-elected as Chair of the Brevard County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Steering Committee. This group develops the LMS Plan and prioritizes post disaster monies that are made available to jurisdictions in the County. (11/21/11)
d. Dispatch Services: The 2010 State Legislature approved a requirement that emergency dispatchers receive no less than 232 hours of training to be certified by October 1, 2012. (08/17/10)
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e. Riverside Drive/US-192 Traffic: FDOT is reviewing the situation whereby motorists on N. Riverside Drive who turn west onto US-192 after stopping on red sometimes do so conflicting with motorists on S. Riverside Drive, who have a green light, attempting to turn west onto US-192. (01/18/11)
f. Tower: The City of Melbourne is planning to remove the water tower on S. Palm Avenue. It has been reported that the system does not need the tower and the tower is deteriorating. (04/19/11)
g. Pedestrian Warning Signs: FDOT has been requested to install signs warning motorists to yield to pedestrians at the crosswalks at SR-A1A and US-192/SR-500 where they intersect. (8/16/11)
h. Historical Marker (Indialantic Casino): The application (prepared by the Heritage Committee) was sent to the Brevard Historical Commission–to be installed in Nance Park. (09/20/11) The state has approved the marker. (12/20/11) Installation anticipated in March, 2012. (01/17/12)
i. Solid Waste Collection: Harris Sanitation noted that it neglected to pass along the franchise authorized increases approved by Council for 2009 and 2010. The increases will be included in the amount imposed, as approved by Council, in late 2011. (10/18/11)
j. FPL: Excess power poles are being removed by FPL from the right-of-way. (12/20/11)
2. Fiscal Activity:
a. FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grant: The fire chief submitted an application for $45,838 Federal monies with a $2,412 local match for the following: $25,250 for 10 sets of bunker gear; $15,000 for Firefighting training for volunteers; and $8,000 for the cascade fill station to meet NFPA standards, which was not funded. (06/15/11) A new application was submitted which includes air packs. (10/18/11)
b. Fire Truck Grant: The funding agency requested additional information and noted that the federal share amount has been reduced to $617,500 with the local share being $32,500. (01/18/11) The grant was approved and the matter goes to Council for approval. (03/15/11) Council authorized acceptance of the grant and approval to proceed toward the purchase of the ladder truck and have declared the 1987 FMC fire engine as surplus. (04/19/11) Council authorized the purchase of a truck from Crimson Fire, Inc. on 5/5/11. Chassis to be delivered 9/29 to Spartan and the ladder is currently being fabricated. (7/27/11) Grant money received. (01/17/12)
c. TIFT monies: Staff is considering seeking TIFT monies for an additional sidewalk section. (11/21/11) The Transportation Impact Fee Trust Technical Advisory Committee for the South Beaches approved the request to provide a sidewalk along Wavecrest Avenue from the south end of the parking area to Fourteenth Avenue. (12/20/11) The engineer is checking on FDEP requirements. (01/17/12)
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d. Magnolia Pedway: The Town’s Zoning & Planning Board with the Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee held a joint public informational workshop on 8/25/09 to address potential future development and use of the area from 8th Avenue to Melbourne Avenue. The cost to prepare development plans is approximately $6,500. (12/16/10)
3. Organizational Activity:
a. Signs: By January, 2012, the Town will need to ensure that all roadway signs have been inventoried, regularly inspecting all roadway signs, and determine the method to address reflectivity of signs. By January, 2015, ensure that all regulatory roadway signs comply with the minimum reflectivity requirements. By January, 2018, ensure that all street signs comply with minimum reflectivity requirements. (03/15/11)
b. Unionization: Negotiations with the Coastal Florida PBA are occurring as the three-year agreement covering communications workers and police officers expires at the end of the current fiscal year. (08/16/11) The labor attorney’s comments were incorporated into the draft agreement, which was forwarded to the PBA representative. (11/21/11) The agreement has been ratified by the members and will go to Council on 01/17/12. (01/17/12)
c. Storm drainpipe failure: The storm drainpipe under Eighth Avenue east of S. Ramona Avenue has failed. Replacement cost is $23,208.70. A dimple has appeared to the south near the center of the street. (12/20/11) The pipe has been replaced. (01/17/12)
d. Street Lights: Concerns have arisen and are being researched with regard to streetlights. Power arrives in some cases to the light pole from behind residences without an easement for the line. Concern arises when there is the desire to have the vegetation under the lines trimmed. Prescriptive easements may be obtainable—but at a cost. Some lights are not at intersections. This will probably be presented to Council at a future meeting. (10/18/11) FPL has been requested to remove the light at 138 Ormond Drive. (12/20/11) Service to the light at the northeast corner of Cocoa and S. Ramona avenues is being re-directed through the S. Ramona Avenue right-of-way. (01/17/12)
e. Australian Pines: Australian Pine trees have been cut, again, from the top of the dune, east of Wavecrest Avenue, in the area south of 8th Avenue. (11/21/11)
f. Unionization: The Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) notified the Town that 6 Town firefighters petitioned to be represented by a union. Andy Hament, with Ford & Harrison, responded on behalf of the Town. (05/17/11) An election was held and all 6 noted their desire to unionize. (10/18/11) Negotiations begin January 19th. (01/17/12)

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g. TMDL requirements: Staff is working with the Town’s engineering consultant to address Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requirements for the Town to reduce TN (Total Nitrogen) and TP (Total Phosphorus). FDEP has not determined the amount of a reduction of TN and TP that will be required by the Town from the Town’s storm drainage system or the timeframe for compliance. FDEP has so far not provided an indication as to what the Town’s requirements are and the Town’s engineer is uncomfortable in releasing information that could later be used to benefit the Town’s position. (10/19/10) The Town’s consulting engineer has determined that the Town is in compliance through 2012 based on the aggressive efforts of the Town to install swales within the Town’s rights-of-way. (04/19/11) The County is trying to engage municipalities in financially supporting gathering more detailed information with the expectation of lessening Federal/State required expenses. (09/20/11)
h. Orlando Park: The track-ride slide has deteriorated and a replacement slide component has been ordered at a cost of $509. (01/17/12)
4. Council Matters:
a. Purchasing Cooperative: Staff is reviewing participation in the Purchasing Cooperative with the county and other municipalities. The cooperative is still in the formative stage (not operational until 2012) with about four jurisdictions having agreed to participate thus far. (09/20/11)
b. Health Insurance Benefits: Staff provided a comparative list, as has been previously provided to Council, reflecting the level of support by various municipalities for covering health insurance premium costs. (10/18/11)
c. Parking on Yards: The Zoning & Planning Board considered whether additional regulations should be developed toward restricting parking of vehicles on yards in front of residences. It was determined by the Board that there are certain safeguards to protect lawns currently in the code and that the enforcement might be difficult in that some existing residences have what could be considered full or partial grass driveways. The Board elected not to pursue the matter further. (11/21/11)
d. Banners: The feasibility of utilizing banners is to be considered at the January meeting of the Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Committee. (01/17/12)
e. Pavers: Wrapping the existing planters at Access #6 with existing pavers is to be considered at the January meeting of the Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Committee. (01/17/12)