September 20, 2011

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[ Heritage Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
September 20, 2011

Brevard County, Florida 32903
September 20, 2011 Council Chambers 8:00 a.m.

Members Present:
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson
Carol Andren
Linda Coleman
Pam Dunn
Linda Glass
Joan Sherman

Members Absent:
Cindy Earp
Linda Paige
Dian Milligan

Guests Present:
Stu Glass
Jill Hoffman

I. Call to Order
Chairperson Marx called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
By consent, approval of the minutes of April and May was deferred until the October 18th meeting.

III. Report from Chairperson Marx
Heritage Website
Chairman Marx introduced Indialantic Councilman Stu Glass who has opened a website of Indialantic history in conjunction with the Town’s 60th anniversary celebration. The committee agreed that it could become the official website for the committee. He has already cleared it with the Town and he will continue to maintain it for us.

Chairman Marx introduced soon to become Councilwoman Jill Hoffman. She spoke on the paver project. Profits from paver purchases will be used for boardwalk improvements. Jill suggested that the committee might want to donate funds for purchase of a paver in memory of the Indialantic Casino/Bahama Beach Club.

IV. Projects
Remaining T-shirts are selling slowly. There are 22 postcards remaining. (Report attached.)

March 2012 Town of Indialantic’s 60th Anniversary
Council chamber has been reserved for the Heritage Committee from 1-5 Saturday
March 10th. Dan Abbott has agreed to speak and Dian Milligan has agreed to approach
her sister, Marcia Littlejohn to do a presentation. Since this is the regular meeting of
the South Brevard Historical Society this event will be promoted as their regular

Historical Marker
Linda Glass reported that the application for the Indialantic Casino/Bahama Beach Club
historical marker is in the hands of the Brevard County Historical Commission.
(Marker text attached.)
Historic Guide 1930’s – 1950’s (Information is attached with the agenda.)
Chairman Marx reviewed the project. The PRIDE Enterprises pricing quotation
(attached) was the least expensive. The focus is mid 20th century homes and businesses in Indialantic. Also included will be architectural characteristics and historical background of the era.

Linda Coleman will research business startups in the 40’s through the 60’s; Pam
Dunn will coordinate the pamphlet project; Jenifer Marx will research the end of
World War II, the GI Bill and architectural style; Joan Sherman will report on an
0verview of the military, space and business in the area.

The Committee will hold a planning workshop on Tuesday, September 27th at 10
AM and will review material from the archives. Jenifer Marx and Linda Coleman will search for an architect who can serve as an advisor. Mark Shaya was suggested as a possible sponsor for the project. (see agenda)

Friday @ Fifth
No dates have been announced for this event.

V. Other
We have interviewed approximately 52 people. (See information attached to the

We need a title list of official property titles and other official documents in the archive.

Invitation to participate
Linda Coleman announced that her real estate company will be holding a fundraiser for
the Sharing Center at 232 Fifth Avenue on November 18, 2011. We may have a table
presenting Indialantic’s history.

Meeting Time Change
Heritage Committee meetings will convene at 9AM rather than 8AM in future.

VI. Budget
We have been allocated $600 in the 2011-2012 Town budget plus funds remaining
from this year will be rolled over into this year’s account which begins October 1, 2011.

VII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 AM

_____________________________ ___________________________
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Carol Andren, Recorder