March 15, 2011

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[ Heritage Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
March 15, 2011

Brevard County, Florida 32903
March 15, 2011

Members Present:

Carol Andren
Linda Glass
Joan Sherman
Pam Dunn
Denise Bozeman
Linda Paige
Jenifer Marx

Members Absent:
Cindy Earp
Dian Milligan
Victoria M. Twitty, Secretary

I. Call to Order
Jenifer Marx called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
Minutes 11-02; January 18, 2011
All members present had read the minutes. Ms. Andren moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Bozeman seconded. Motion carried unanimously

III. Report from Chairman Marx
Mary Sawyer’s daughter, Stephanie, gave the original Title Abstract for Mary’s property (BLK 11, Lot 11) dated 1920, showing Ernest Kouwen-Hoven as the original land owner. Ms. Marx will ask Ron to make a digital copy for the Heritage Committee and for the Sawyer’s. Letter from Town will be sent to acknowledge receipt of Abstracts.

IV. Projects
A. T-shirts
Pam Dunn informed us that Christine Brown will sell our T-shirts at her store, Roses Are Red. They will also be sold at Surf Gallery and Ace Hardware.

B. November 2012 Town of Indialantic’s 60th Anniversary
Chairperson Bozeman reported that it is still in preliminary stages; developing a Brochure and Program

C. Tradewinds Terrace/Bahama beach Club, State Historical Marker
Linda Glass will submit State form to Brevard Historical Society who will then submit it to the State Commission for approval at their quarterly meeting. Ms. Glass will go before the Town Council this evening (March 15, 2011) to ask their permission to place the Historical Marker at the site of the Indialantic Casino and Beach Club which is now Nance Park. No more than 19 lines of text for the marker needs to be submitted by May 1, 2011. Ms. Andren and Ms. Glass will meet on April 6 and April 20, 2011 at Town Hall to complete the forms and text.

D. Architectural Brochure
Ms. Marx read her concept of architecture during the 1950’s. The creation of a brochure showing the homes in Indialantic built in the 50’s was discussed by members. It was decided to re-print 500 copies of the 40th Anniversary of Indialantic Brochure. Ms. Andren moved to re-print 500 copies of the 40th Anniversary Brochure, seconded by Ms. Dunn.

E. Friday at Fifth
The Committee will hand out brochures, show DVDs and sell T-shirts. Jenifer will submit a list architectural details to look for in houses built during the 1950’s.

The following members will tend the Heritage Table: Joan Sherman, Carol Andren, Dian Milligan (maybe Cindy Earp).

V. Other – no other business

VI. Budget – no report

VII. Next meeting – April 19, 2011 8:00 AM

VIII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 a.m.

_____________________________ ______________________________
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary