February 15, 2011

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[ Heritage Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
February 15, 2011

Brevard County, Florida 32903
February 15, 2011 Council Chambers 8:00 a.m.

Members Present
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson
Carol Andren
Pam Dunn
Linda Glass
Dian Milligan
Linda Paige
Joan Sherman
Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary

Members Absent
Denise Bozeman, excused
Cindy Earp, excused

I. Call to Order
Chairperson Marx called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
Minutes 11-02; January 18, 2011
Ms. Andren suggested to the Committee that Ms. Earp be marked “excused” for the meeting. Ms. Dunn seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Members Absent
Jenifer Marx, excused
Denise Bozeman, excused
Laverne Bruffey, unexcused
Cindy Earp, unexcused
Linda Paige, unexcused

Members Absent
Jenifer Marx, excused
Denise Bozeman, excused
Laverne Bruffey, unexcused
Cindy Earp, excused
Linda Paige, unexcused

III. Report from Chairperson Marx
Ms. Marx let the Committee aware of the “University of Central Florida, Florida Space Coast History Project”. Ms. Andren will ask Ms. Bozeman to link the following website to the South Brevard Historical Socitey website of http://www.southbrevardhistory.org/home.html.

The Florida Space Coast History Project has been established to preserve Florida’s unique space and missile heritage. Since supporting its first missile launch on 24 July 1950, the Cape has become synonymous with space and missiles. It is from our shores alone that humanity departed on its first voyages beyond the celestial bonds of Earth and ventured on to the ancient seas of the Moon.
For more than 50 years the story of the worker who anonymously contributed to the hundreds of manned and unmanned missions from the Cape has been ignored. Our oral history effort is dedicated to record the heritage of Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center from those who experienced it first hand. It is our mission to ensure the perspective of the tens of thousands workers (and their families) who contributed to this nation’s formative missile and space endeavors are preserved.
We are working with the Media Convergence Laboratory at UCF to construct a three-dimensional, virtual replica of Cape Canaveral as it existed in the 1950s and 1960s. This virtual environment will be used to educate and inspire today’s youth of the Cape’s essential role in the history of many of humanity’s greatest achievements.
The project also houses a large collection of digital images—currently over 35,000—and documents pertaining to the missile programs, manned space flight and the history of Brevard County.
We are actively seeking the donation of images, documents, and specific 3-Dimensional items for our archives. For those that wish to keep their historic materials please consider allowing the project to borrow the items for a short period so that we may digitally scan them and preserve your legacy and that of the Cape for future generations.
We would like to thank the WD-40 Corporation for their generous support helping to preserve the Atlas Missile Collection at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.
IV. Projects
Ms. Twitty-Mercer will work with the Town Clerk to provide information regarding the t-shirts for sale on the Town website. Ms. Marx will be available before the Town Council meeting this evening to sale t-shirts to the public. Ms. Milligan suggested again to sale the t-shirts at Friday @ Fifth, April 15, 2011. Ms. Glass will contact Eddie at Ace Hardware, Ms. Dunn will contact Roses Are Red and Ms. Milligan will contact Mr. Deratany to see if selling the t-shirts inside 5th Ave. Men’s Hairstyling. Ms Milligan suggested placing the t-shirts at the Holy Trinity Thrift Shop in Melbourne.

November 2012 Town of Indialantic’s 60th Anniversary
Ms. Bozeman was selected to Chair the issue to put together a Committee.

Tradewinds Terrace/Bahama Beach Club, State Historical Marker
Ms. Glass took interest in this task within the previous meeting. Filling out the application, submitting historical information, pictures, locations, and naming the marker. Ms. Glass will be provided help

Sponsorship for Committee
Tabled until next scheduled meeting. Possible participation with the local banks.

Friday @ Fifth, April 15, 2011
Ms. Andren suggested a display of some sort of the Indialantic businesses, past and present
presentation. Ms. Paige suggested each Committee member that is present to dress from the era of the
1950’s style. Tabled until next scheduled meeting.

Melbourne Art Festival, April 23 – 24, 2011
The Committee will not participate in this event.

Town Pamphlet 1930’s – 1950’s
More description of house structures, GI Bill, etc. Social history of the building. Ms. Dunn suggested to
place the Historical Marker picture as the focus point in the pamphlet. Ms. Andren suggested the era to
reflect the 1950’s which was the Town Incorporated timeline. Ms. Andren will work on a rough timeline
for the 1930’s through 1950’s. Ms. Glass will contact her neighbor/friend Ms. Ann Brackett to see if she
has any input for the publication of the pamphlet.

V. Other

VI. Budget
572-4820 FY 09/10 Heritage Committee +$239.00 $600.00 =$839.00
572-4820 FY 10/11 Heritage Committee +$322.00 $600.00 =$922.00

Date Receipt Name Item Amount
10/13/09 180355 Quandt 2 DVDs & 2 Postcards $ 7.00
10/20/09 523604 Paige T-shirt $ 10.00
10/20/09 523605 Sherman 10/16/09 Friday @ Fifth Event $ 90.00
10/23/09 523631 Marx DVD & T-shirt $ 13.00
12/17/09 523885 Andren DVDs $ 21.00
01/22/10 523994 Sherman T-shirts, DVDs & Postcards $ 15.00
02/26/10 187306 Marx T-shirt $ 10.00
03/17/10 187366 Pszonowsky DVD $ 3.00
04/13/10 108626 Unknown 4 Postcards $ 2.00
04/15/10 108634 Unknown T-shirt $ 10.00
04/20/10 108646 Bozeman DVD $ 3.00
05/05/10 108699 The Surf Gallery unknown $ 22.50
05/10/10 108712 Crockett T-shirt $ 10.00
05/10/10 108717 Wilson 2 DVDs $ 6.00
06/25/10 382677 Mercer 1 Postcard $ 0.50
06/30/10 382687 Hughes 2 DVD’s $ 6.00
09/02/10 478310 Sassaman T-shirt $ 10.00
FY 09/10 000000 TOTAL SALES TOTAL SALES $ 239.00

Date Receipt Name Item Amount
10/19/10 620019 Andren 3 T-shirts $ 30.00
10/19/10 620020 Bozeman 4 T-shirts $ 40.00
10/19/10 620021 Marx F@F 10/15/10=20 T-shirts & 3 DVDs $ 209.00
10/21/10 620062 Ryan 2 T-shirts $ 20.00
10/22/10 620069 Borysiewicz T-shirt $ 10.00
11/03/10 620166 Chinault T-Shirt $ 10.00
11/24/10 621041 Nadeau DVD $ 3.00
02/07/11 386134 Landis T-shirt $ 10.00
FY 10/11 000000 TOTAL SALES AS OF 02/16/11 $ 332.00

VII. Items for next Meeting – Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11-04

VIII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

_________________________________ ______________________________
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary