September 28, 2009

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[ Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
September 28, 2009

Brevard County, Florida 32903
September 28, 2009, Council Chambers 9:00 a.m.

Members Present
Catherine Berkman, Chairperson
Marjorie Schwanbeck, Vice Chairperson
Chris Campbell
Brooke Deratany Goldfarb
Bernie Gott
Larry Michelson
Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary

Members Absent
Andrea McKoy-Zeppuhar

Walter G. Fredrickson, 414 South Riverside Drive

I. Call to Order
Chairperson Ms. Berkman called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
Proposed Budget FY-10
Luminaria Fund account will disappear show a balance of zero since Luminaries are no longer being sold. Witch Way 5k account at $3,626.00 is being added since the money was not spent in FY-09. Account 572-4900 is proposed at $2,300.00 to cover the annual tree lighting, egg hunt, and movie nights. Account 572- 8350 is proposed at $1,300.00.

Minutes 09-09; July 27, 2009
Mr. Campbell moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Schwanbeck seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Town Hall Report –Mr. Cassedy
Douglas Park
A new pump house has been installed at the park, which looks like a rock. The wood housing unit covering the old irrigation pump was coming apart.

Orlando Park
A toddler item has been removed from the park.

Nance Park
A portion of the FunSemble was broken and is in the process of being repaired. Firecracker plants were installed across from the restrooms.

Douglas Park
Silver Buttonwoods were trimmed back.

Budget 2009/2010
Mr. Chinault explained in detail the new budget for FY-10 reflecting the following 572.4900 $2,300.00; 572.9200 $3,626.00.

IV. Beautification
Status of Beautification Award sign
The Committee agreed that the Platt/Brown residence, 808 North Riverside Drive, be selected for the new location. Ms. Twitty-Mercer will send out a letter notifying the homeowner of the acknowledgement. Ms. Berkman will be notified of when to move the sign to the new location from 202 Fourth Avenue. Ms. Berkman will then contact Mr. Michelson and he will move the sign from the current location to the new location.

V. Parks
Catherine Berkman- Indian River Park, Tradewinds Park & Nance Park
Indian River & Nance Park- No complaints
Tradewinds Park- Mr. Gott suggested planting some vegetation, which requires minimum water supply. North West corner of the park, suggested putting a picnic table and concrete slab. The West side of the former fence line is in need of some maintenance. Mr. Gott volunteered to do the planting of the new vegetation.

Marge Schwanbeck- Dewey Park, Gus Carey Park & Sea Park
Gus Carey & Sea Park- No complaints.
Dewey Park- Looks a little over grown/ bushy.

Chris Campbell- Douglas Park
No complaints.

Brooke Deratany Goldfarb- Orlando Park
No complaints.

Bernie Gott- Sunrise Park & Sunset Park
Sunset Park- Great shape.
Sunrise Park- Public Works personnel planted fifteen plants of sea grapes provided by the County Department of Natural Resources at no cost to the Town.

Andrea McKoy- Zeppuhar- Riverside Park
Not present.

Larry Michelson- Wavecrest Extension Park, Wavecrest Park & Indialantic Ocean Beach
South of the Emergency Ramp at access six, there are boards loose. North of the Emergency Ramp, the boards have been replaced and look great.

FPL Power Substation Site – Brazillian Pepper Trees look to be growing in the area. Mr. Cassedy will contact FPL to have the plants removed.

Orlando Park- FRDAP status
The FRDAP application for $50,000.00, to install sidewalks inside the park and at the North East and South East corners and to install some play equipment such as a slide, the Tilted Sky Runner and monkey bars which was approved by Council, was sent to FDEP on September 01, 2009. Selection of play items will be made by the Committee at a future date.

Sunrise Park- County activities with regard to SRA1A outfall
The County is attempting to decrease the amount of SRA1A street right-of-way water than runs onto the beach. They plan to place permeable pipes parallel to the existing pipe that runs along Watson Drive from SRA1A to the beach. The improvement is needed to ensure that the Town will be eligible to receive beach sand in the future. The County expects to begin work after the first of the year with the pipes in Watson Drive east of SRA1A.

Sea Turtle Educational/ Informational signs
The Sea Turtle Preservation Society developed an educational/ informational series of signs to be situated in Nance, Sunrise and Wavecrest Extended parks. Public Works Personnel installed the signs as well as mulch around the base.

VI. Recreation
Family Movie Night at Town Hall, Friday
Ms. Deratany Goldfarb suggested to have a survey on the Town website as to what movies the residents would like to see as a family. Ms. Berkman spoke with Mr. Struttmann from Ace Hardware who suggested contacting Eastminster Presbyterian Church about doing the event at their location. Sue Nevel, the Business Administrator would be the one to contact.

Witch Way 5K, October 17, 2009
Ms. Deratany Goldfarb provided posters and brochures from Devereux. Ms. Deratany Goldfarb will ask the staff at Indialantic Elementary School if posters can be hung in the classrooms and that brochures are sent home with the students. Ms. Deratany Goldfarb suggested hanging posters at the locations of the sponsors.

VII. Other
Memorial and Location for Betty Preece
Tabled for October 26, 2009 meeting, Committee members are encouraged to visit Sunset Park and observe the bench. It’s a donated memorial bench.

Magnolia Pedway Workshop, August 25, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
Walter G. Fredrickson of 414 South Riverside Drive was unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Chinault explained the situation and the discussions that were brought up at that meeting date.

Friday @ Fifth, Friday, October 16, 2009
The Committee agreed to not participate in the event due to the extra activities occurring the following morning and afternoon.

VIII. Items for next Meeting – October 26, 2009 (10-01)
A. Family Movie Night at Town Hall
B. Witch Way 5K, Saturday, October 17, 2009
C. Memorial and Location for same for Betty Preece
D. Tree Lighting, December 03, 2009

IX. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 10:04 a.m.

__________________________ ______________________________
Catherine Berkman, Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary