February 22, 2010

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[ Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
February 22, 2010

Brevard County, Florida 32903
February 22, 2010, Council Chambers 9:00 a.m.

Members Present
Marjorie Schwanbeck, Vice Chairperson
Brooke Deratany Goldfarb
Bernie Gott
Larry Michelson
JoAnne Nadeau
Ron Cassedy, Director of Public Works
Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary

Members Absent
Catherine Berkman, Chairperson (excused)
Andrea McKoy-Zeppuhar

Pam Dunn & Helen Yarbrough – (Garden Club by the Sea)

I. Call to Order
Vice Chairperson Ms. Schwanbeck called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
Minutes 10-03; January 25, 2010
Ms. Deratany Goldfarb moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Gott seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Town Hall Report –Mr. Cassedy
Nance Park Memorial Bench for Betty Preece
Don Bo Inc., concrete contractors, quoted $563.00 for the concrete pad in Nance Park. Public Works personnel have completed the job for $205.00. Mr. Cassedy is waiting for the bench to be delivered to the shop. Within the next two weeks, the bench will be delivered and installed. The top board along the back of the bench will be engraved. A ribbon cutting will take place at 8:45 a.m. the day of a scheduled future meeting. Should the project be completed by March 22, the Committee members will be notified before the meeting date.

Nance Park
The large swing set was repainted.

Orlando Park
The wooden climbing wall was recapped. The old caps were plastic, which were replaced with aluminum.

Lily Park
Mr. Cassedy provided the Committee, Ms. Dunn and Ms. Yarbrough plans of the irrigation in the park. The wall, pump house and sprinkler heads are in the accurate place on the plan.

IV. Beautification
Status of Beautification Award sign
Doris Y. Lodge & Joseph Vegotsky, 310 South Shannon Avenue is the current location of the sign. The sign will remain on the property until after the March 22 meeting. Nominations will be discussed for the new location at the next meeting.

V. Parks
Lily Park, Garden Club By The Sea – Pam Dunn & Helen Yarbrough
Susan Hall, ASLA, Landscape Architecture (American Society of Landscape Architects) is currently working with the Garden Club for the master plan improvements. The Garden Club was established in 1964. Lily Park was named in honor of Lily Givens, a deceased member of the Club. The Club maintains the weeding and donated the first gazebo in the 1980’s replacing it in October 2000. The Club is looking at replacing the Carrotwood Tree with a mature Royal Poinciana. The Royal Poinciana blooms seasonal, will be somewhat the same height as the Carrotwood Tree with some shade. The Royal Poinciana will withhold during a hurricane season. The Club members have spoken with a few of the residents that border the park, and for the ones that were contacted, are in full agreement with the changes that are in the master plan improvements. Michael J. Otworth, 501 South Riverside Drive, inquired in January 2010 if the neighbors to the park were going to be involved in the master plan improvements. Ms. Dunn and Ms. Yarbrough could not confirm if Mr. Otworth was contacted, but were given a copy of a letter from Mr. Otworth and he will be contacted to voice his opinion. The Club is planning to conduct a survey door to door to get the residents opinions in the near future. Public Works personnel will be able to take down the Carrotwood Tree and will able to rent a stump grinder for the day for less than one hundred dollars. The park will be divided into “rooms” with an educational description of each plant/tree. In the upcoming weeks, Ms. Dunn and Ms. Yarbrough will get a cost figure from Ms. Hall of the beginning project. Once a cost figure is established, Ms. Dunn and Ms. Yarbrough will meet with Club members to discuss the plans. In the coming weeks, Ms. Dunn and Ms. Yarbrough will meet with Mr. Chinault for a pre-approval.

Indian River Park, Tradewinds Park & Nance Park – Catherine Berkman
Not present.
Tradewinds Park- Ms. Nadeau questioned who did the weeding in the park. There are Pepper and Carrotwood Trees growing all over the grounds. Ms. Nadeau suggested that she and husband would complete the tasks, if the fire ant piles could be maintained. Mr. Cassedy will address the issue of the fire ants.

Dewey Park, Gus Carey Park & Sea Park – Marge Schwanbeck
No complaints.

Douglas Park – JoAnne Nadeau
Ms. Nadeau commented that the light in the gazebo is on 24/7. Mr. Cassedy advised that the eye sensor is broken and the light is to be on 24/7, with a low-energy light-bulb. The eye sensor has been replaced numerous times, with the same situation of the eye sensor malfunctioning.

Orlando Park – Brooke Deratany Goldfarb
No complaints.

Sunrise Park & Sunset Park – Bernie Gott
Sunrise Park- Vehicles parking in the no parking area. The hole that keeps reappearing in the same area has reappeared, near the east side. Mr. Cassedy will address the issue.

Riverside Park – Andrea McKoy- Zeppuhar
Not present.

Wavecrest Extension Park, Wavecrest Park & Indialantic Ocean Beach Park – Larry Michelson
No complaints.

VI. Recreation
Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:00 a.m.
Ms. Schwanbeck advised that there will only be Committee members present for the event, there will not be any Police Explorers to assist. Ms. Schwanbeck has made arrangement for the Bunny, Clown and Chicken to appear. Ms Schwanbeck will be bring the signs and music to the event. Ms. Schwanbeck will distribute the amount of plastic eggs at the end of the meeting, regarding the amount for each patch. Ms. Schwanbeck will purchase the candy and provide to Ms. Twitty-Mercer before March 16. Ms. Twitty-Mercer will distribute the already sorted candy to the Committee members. The Committee members are to then fill the eggs at their private residences. Committee members are to be at the park between 8:00 – 8:15 to setup. Age ranges 0-2 Ms. Berkman, 3-4 Ms. Nadeau, 5-6 Ms. Deratany Goldfarb, 7-8 Mr. Michelson. Mr. Gott will assist the characters if needed the day of the event.

Family Movie Night
Ms. Berkman was contacted by Eastminster Presbyterian Church staff in regard to holding the event at their location. Church staff advised that the way they choose the movie of choice is through the producer of the movie. An example of some movies are: Toy Story (G, 1995, 81 minutes), Madagascar (PG, 2005, 86 minutes) and Shrek (PG, 2001, 90 minutes). The license fee is $100.00 and under the license the Church is not allowed to advertise the movie name. Advertising the event on a marquee sign without the name of the movie is permitted. Church staff advised that the Church has dates available to hold the event in late May or early June, on a Saturday after 7:00p.m. The Church owns a popcorn machine. Hosting the event outside or inside are both options. If holding the event inside, the Fellowship Hall is available.

VII. Other

VIII. Items for next Meeting – March 22, 2010 (10-05)
A. Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:00 a.m. (distribute candy)
B. Family Movie Night
C. Memorial Bench for Betty Preece

IX. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

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Marjorie Schwanbeck, Vice Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary