May 18, 2010

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[ Heritage Committee - Meeting Minutes ]
May 18, 2010

Brevard County, Florida 32903
May 18, 2010, Council Chambers 8:00 a.m.

Members Present
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson
Carol Andren
Pam Dunn
Cindy Earp
Dian Milligan
Linda Paige
Joan Sherman
Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary

Members Absent
Denise Bozeman, Vice Chairperson (e)
Laverne Bruffey (u)

I. Call to Order
Chairperson Marx called the meeting to order at 8:02 a.m.

II. Approval of prior Meeting Minutes
Minutes 10-04; April 20, 2010
Ms. Earp moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Dunn seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report from Chairperson Marx
Ms. Andren made a comment that the Committee should attend the Friday @ Fifth events regularly to let the community know of the Committee’s intentions for the Town.

Ms. Paige suggested having an architect do a survey of the homes in the Town, to examine/review the structure(s). Ms. Marx is currently re-photographing her homes of choice.

Ms. Dunn suggested putting together a calendar of eras of homes, etc. Ms. Andren suggested a program of eras.

Ms. Marx will provide an update regarding the T-shirt sales, funds available at the next scheduled meeting. This will include a rough budget for the calendar’s to be printed.

Ms. Paige will contact companies regarding T-shirt embroidering.

IV. Projects
2012 Town of Indialantic’s 60th Anniversary
Programs, Calendars, T-Shirts

Tradewinds Terrace
Ms. Marx will work on getting address and phone numbers for the residents of the area
of Tradewinds Terrace.

Luncheon, open to the public
Suggests were brought up to have a public luncheon at a local residence with Ms. Earp
presenting a show.
Sponsorship for Committee
Sponsorships for the Committee were mentioned upon Ms. Andren (Andren Software),
Ms. Marx and Ms. Earp to contribute $250.00 each to the Committee.

Melbourne Art Festival, April 23 – 24, 2011
Ms. Paige suggested having a location at the event to sell T-shirts, drinks, DVD’s, etc.
The Melbourne Art Festival is a nationally recognized event held each year on the fourth
full weekend in April in historic downtown Melbourne, Florida. Admission is free.

V. Other
Archive Materials
Ms. Andren suggested a total of $250.00 for archive materials.

VI. Items for next Meeting – Tuesday, June 15, 2010 (10-06)
Missing release forms

VII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:11 a.m.

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Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary