Protect Your Trash!

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Protect Your Trash!

The Indialantic Police Department wants you to “Guard your mail and trash from theft”

    • Protect your garbage. Believe it or not, identity thieves rummage through trash looking for personal information—and you are at risk whether or not you are wealthy and famous. Don’t make it easy for thieves to assume your identity with original documents.To thwart identity thieves, who may pick through your trash or recycling bins to capture your personal information, tear or shred your…
      • charge receipts,
      • copies of credit applications,
      • insurance forms,
      • physician statements,
      • checks and bank statements,
      • credit card statements,
      • expired charge cards that you’re discarding,
      • pre-approved credit card offers you get in the mail, and
      • any documents that contain your social security number


    • Deposit outgoing mail in postal collection boxes or at your local post office, rather than in an unsecured mailbox (such as your own home mailbox!) Raising the red “pickup” flag on a rural mailbox really IS a “red flag” to any identity thief driving by that there may be something useful inside. Promptly remove delivered mail from your mailbox. When you’re away from home, have the postal service hold your mail. You don’t want to leave identity thieves a buffet right there in your mailbox.


    • The “Vacation Hold”
      If you’re planning to be away from home and can’t pick up your mail (or are called away on an unexpected business trip or family emergency), call the U.S. Postal Service at 1-800-275-8777 to request a “vacation hold” or ask your carrier or a counter clerk for a “Authorization to Hold Mail” form.

For further information please contact Community Policing Officer Ryan DesChenes at 321-723-7788 or email me at .