Protect Your Home From Burglary and Theft

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Protect Your Home From Burglary and Theft

The following are a few reminders of how you can protect your home and property from burglaries and theft:


When leaving your house – Be sure to lock your doors and windows.  Indialantic enjoys the luxury of having a lower crime rate than some of her sister cities, but crime and criminals do exist.  More often than not, a burglar is an opportunistic criminal.  They look for easy targets, such as houses with unlocked doors and windows, or garage doors that are left open over night. Whether leaving the house for ten minutes or for the evening, take the extra minute to make sure your house is secure.  If you have an alarm on your house, don’t forget to arm it before leaving.  Last year Indialantic experienced a rash of residential burglaries, particularly in the area south of Fifth Avenue.  We did not take a single burglary report at a residence with an active alarm.

Report suspicious activities/vehicles/persons – Most Indialantic residents are familiar with the vehicles and people that normally pass through their neighborhoods.  If you see a vehicle and/or people that just don’t seem like they belong, please give us a call.  Your active participation in reporting suspicious persons and activities can help prevent crimes in your neighborhood.  We have taken numerous reports where residents stated they heard strange noises at night, but dismissed it as animals or neighbors, only to find later they were the victim of a burglary or criminal mischief.

Get to know your neighbors – Talk to the people in your neighborhood and get to know some of their routines (i.e. times they leave for work, times they get home from work, vehicles they drive or vehicles that may be on the property when they are not home, etc.)

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a network of concerned citizens taking an active part in protecting their community by becoming extra eyes and ears for the Police Department and immediately reporting suspicious activity.

Home Security Survey Program

The Indialantic Police Department will conduct an on-site inspection of your home in an effort to identify potential features that might make you an easy target. An inspection list will be completed and you will be given advice on ways to reduce your exposure to criminal activity.

Well-Being Program

The Indialantic Police Department provides an active Well-Being check program for citizens who are elderly and live alone or who are incapacitated in some way. The Community Policing Officer will make periodic contacts by telephone or in person.

The above programs are all provided free of charge to Indialantic Town residents.