Town Manager’s Report

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Town Manager’s Report
  1. Melbourne Causeway:  FDOT has included in the Tentative Five-Year Transportation Plan replacing the easternmost relief bridge (bridge number 700037) and the parallel pair of relief bridges (bridge numbers 700173 & 700175), which are east of the Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Bridge on US-192.  The plan includes monies in FY-06 for design and monies in FY-10 ($8.223 million) for construction.  For the tentative FDOT Five-Year Plan the construction cost has been projected at $15.7 million.  The Brevard County Causeway Vulnerability Study will impact this project but it appears that the Indian River Lagoon North Restoration Feasibility Study will not.  A temporary bridge will be constructed south of the existing bridge, which will protrude about 45 feet south of US-192 along Douglas Park.  Staff has requested that a separated 10-foot bike path be constructed on the bridges for traffic moving in both directions and four-foot bike lanes along the outer lanes of the new bridges.  It is expected that the current pedestrian and bicycle traffic thruways will be maintained during construction.  Preliminary plans provided by FDOT’s consultant on 2/28/07 reflect six-foot wide temporary bike/pedestrian bridges along the south side of the causeway south of the westernmost relief bridge and the easternmost relief bridge.  The project proposes to have a five foot wide protected sidewalk along the north side of the westernmost relief bridge and an eight foot wide protected sidewalk along the south side of the easternmost relief bridge.  A public meeting was held 6/11/07 at Eastminster Presbyterian Church from 5 to 7 pm.  The FDOT Proposed Five-Year Plan for FY-10 through FY-14 reflects no change in year for replacing these three relief bridges; however, the amount included in the budget is $15.875 million.  Technical proposals are due to FDOT by December 22, 2009.  FDOT expects to issue a notice to proceed in early March, 2010.  (11/17/09)
  2. Beach Re-nourishment Project:  The Army Corps of Engineers issued the bid for beach re-nourishment to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock.  The project was expected to start December 17, 2009. This effort is expected to widen the beach consistent with the width enjoyed after the first beach re-nourishment effort in 2003.  Prior to the 2003 effort the Town had to close dune crossovers due to sand being washed away from the bottom of the beach side of the crossover steps.  Staging areas will be the dune cut in the vicinity of Watson Drive, east of SR-A1A, and state land, east of SR-A1A, across from Ocean Terrace.  In Indialantic pipe was placed on the beach at approximately 6th Avenue (i.e. across from dune crossover #10) for the dredge to send sand onto the beach with sand being pumped north to Flug Avenue for 2 weeks and then south from this location for 2 weeks.  Sections of pipe will be relocated to Melbourne Beach to pipe sand both north toward Indialantic and south to Spessard Holland Park (north).  The dredge is due to arrive by February 12.  The County has a web site with the instruction to click on “Hot Topics”  or to call the County Beach Hotline at 637-5374 for information.  (02/16/10)
  3. Comprehensive Plan/Evaluation & Appraisal Report (EAR):  A workshop for the public and Zoning & Planning Board to provide input for development of the EAR to meet State requirements was held on 02/27/07.  On 08/28/07, Z & P authorized transmitting the EAR to DCA for informal review and to Council, which adopted the EAR on 11/20/07.  The Town has until 05/20/09 to adopt the EAR based amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.  Council agreed on 11/18/08 to have the planning consultant prepare the EAR based amendments.  The consultant presented the amendments to the Zoning & Planning Board on 05/26/09.  The EAR based amendments were approved on 06/16/09 and sent to DCA.  Council adopted the amendments on November 17, 2009. DCA has issued a Notice of Intent to find the plan in compliance.  (01/19/10)
  4. SR-A1A Outfall @ Watson Drive:  The County is attempting to decrease the amount of SR-A1A street right-of-way water than runs onto the beach.  They plan to place permeable pipes through the middle of Sunrise Park and then reconnect to the existing pipe that runs along Watson Drive from SR-A1A to the beach.  The improvement is needed to ensure that the Town will be eligible to receive beach sand in the future.  Concerns, especially regarding access to and from the Indialantic One condominiums, have been conveyed to the County.  The proposed plan will be presented to Council for consideration.  (01/19/10)
  5. Dispatch Services:  The Town currently dispatches police and fire/rescue services to the residents.  The County has undertaken a study to determine if it is feasible to have a unified dispatch center with all dispatch services coming from that center.  Town staff has opposed this unification due to the expectation that new dispatch personnel will be less familiar with the Town and Town residents.  Additionally, the centralization will result in there not being a person in Town Hall at all times.  A partial centralization might occur with Melbourne and Palm Bay joining in a united dispatch service and the Sheriff’s Department and County Fire/Rescue joining in a united dispatch service.  (06/16/09)
  6. Fire Station Hazard Mitigation Grant:  A $35,000 grant application was submitted for FEMA Hazard Mitigation money available to the County from TS Fay to harden the station bay doors and shutter the windows ($26,250 FEMA/$8,750 local).  FEMA approved the grant project, which was ranked #1 by the Local Mitigation Strategy Steering Committee, on October 28, 2009.  Council approved the DEM/Town agreement on December 9th and an executed copy was received from DEM on January 7, 2010.  (01/19/10)
  7. Sunrise Park:  Public Works personnel replaced shingles on the roof that covers the picnic table at the Watson Drive dune crossover.  (02/16/10)
  8. Fire Truck Grant:  The grant application for financial assistance toward the cost of purchasing a fire grant was not approved this year.  Staff will review the application for efforts toward approval next year.  (01/19/10)
  9. Artificial Surfing Reef:  The County conducted a feasibility study regarding the construction of an artificial surfing reef.  The following three sites were considered:  south of the Cocoa Beach pier, east of Lori Wilson Park, and east of Sunrise Park.  The study does not project that, based on cost, the construction of such a reef made of geotextile with sand filled containers (design and permitting cost of $.46 million and construction cost of $5.65 million) and with a useful life of 25 years is feasible.  The study’s intent was to determine if there could be a benefit to surf conditions and a reduction in beach erosion.  (11/18/08)
  10. Web Site:  The vendor provided on February 17, 2009, an agreement to provide services toward a new web site for the Town as well as to provide hosting services.  The agreement is being restructured and technical information is being secured.  The Town was advised on August 26th that support personnel intended by the vendor to provide this service were no longer available to her and that she would not be able to enter into an agreement with the Town to provide the service.   A different vendor has approved the agreement was executed with a copy sent to the vendor on October 20, 2009.  (10/20/09)
  11. TS Fay:  The State notified the Town that it is not recommending funding the full amount for the replacement of the failed storm drain pipe under S. Ramona Avenue immediately north of Orlando Boulevard.  The State believes a patch to be sufficient.  BSE prepared a response that was included in the Town’s appeal to DEM on April 21st.   FEMA has indicated approval of the Town’s appeal, which should result in the addition of $12,287 to the Town.  (09/15/09)
  12. Stimulus Projects:  The Florida League of Cities conducted a survey regarding projects that can start quickly.  A list of projects that can commence quickly was submitted—i.e. construction of 800 linear feet of pipe to connect 6th Avenue to 9th Avenue along S. Riverside Drive for storm water drainage purposes at an estimated cost of $100,000; replacing 40,000 linear feet of existing storm water drainage pipe at an estimated cost of $3.6 million; and South Reach Beach Renourishment (requested to be included in the list by Brevard County) at an estimated cost of $15 million.  The Orlando Boulevard portion of the existing storm water drainage pipe project, which comprises about 20 to 25 percent of the pipe system, was explored as a possible water quality improvement project should grant money be available for water quality improvements.  The projected cost is $2.13 million factoring in certain Federal requirements. Water quality money is being channeled into loan efforts.  (03/17/09)
  13. Orlando Park:  The FRDAP application for $50,000, which was approved by Council, was sent to FDEP on September 1, 2009.  The application is intended to provide improved park access at the northeast and southeast corners of the park as well as providing for additional play items.  (09/15/09)
  14. Nance Park:  Public Works personnel painted the swing set in the park.  (02/16/10)
  15. Drainage:  Public Works personnel installed a drainage swale at 425 Palmetto Place.  (02/16/10)
  16. Staff is working with the Town’s engineering consultant to address Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requirements for the Town to reduce TN (Total Nitrogen) and TP (Total Phosphorus).  FDEP has not determined the amount of a reduction of TN and TP will be required by the Town from the Town’s storm drainage system, which empties into the Indian River.  Additionally, FDEP has not determined the timeframe over which the requirements have to be met.  (02/16/10)
  17. Speed Limit Signs:  Twenty miles per hour speed limit signs were installed on January 21, 2010, for the 100 blocks of Eleventh and Fourteenth avenues.  (02/16/10)