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[ Heritage Committee - Meeting Minutes ]

Brevard County, Florida 32903
July 15, 2008, Council Chambers 8:00 a.m.
MINUTES 08-10 Members Present Members Absent
Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Pam Dunn
Denise Bozeman, Vice Chairperson Irene Quilleux (excused)
Carol Andren
Laverne Bruffey
Cindy Earp
Nancy Grout
Dian Milligan
Joan Sherman
Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary
I. Call to Order
Chairperson Marx called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.
II. Approval of prior Notes from Workshop and Meeting Minutes
Notes from Workshop 08-02; June 03, 2008
Minutes 08-09; June 17, 2008
Ms. Bozeman motioned to approve the notes from Workshop 08-02; June 03, 2008. Ms. Andren seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Ms. Bozeman motioned to approve the minutes from Meeting 08-09; June 17, 2008. Ms. Bruffey seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
III. Report from Chairperson Marx
Chairperson Marx advised the Committee about an article that was in the Florida Today Newspaper on July 14, 2008. The article was submitted to Doug Lang.
Dear Help!: The Indialantic Heritage Committee is in the process of digitizing the town’s precious archives. We are currently focusing on a pair of buildings at the center of the early community’s social life- the Tradewinds Hotel (originally the Indialantic Hotel, a luxurious resort) and the Bahama Beach Club (formerly the Indialantic Casino).
We are asking people who have photographs, brochures, artifacts or other materials from the two buildings to please help by loaning or donating them.
Jenifer Marx;
Marx serves as chairwoman of the committee, and she asked area residents
with memorabilia to contribute to call Laverne Bruffey at 952-5046.
“Loan photographs and documents will be digitized for the archives, and other items will be put on display in town hall,” she said.
Indialantic last year observed the 55th anniversary of its incorporation.
Ms. Bruffey advised that she’s received two phone calls from two different people with responses to the newspaper article.
Ms. Andren requested for Ms. Bruffey to type up notes on the two people with their input of their history in the Town.
Linda Page would like to be on the committee.
Chairperson Marx will get together with Sgt. Baker and from there contact Officer DesChenes to see if Officer DesChenes is available to be involved with the Committee’s events in the upcoming future.
Jim Ayres advised that he will show us the items he has collected over the years, if he is able to see the items the committee has.
IV. Projects
A. Melbourne Beach
An event is in the works for September 2008 at the Melbourne Beach old Town Hall building. The event will have a display of Indialantic. It was suggested at this meeting that committee members be present to sell DVD’s of “Historical Conversations” and “Portrait of a Community” along with postcards and to hand out the “Historic Building Guide” brochure from the Town’s 55th Anniversary Celebration-2007.
B. Silver Telly Award
Vice Chairperson Bozeman advised the Committee about an article that was in the newspaper on July 07, 2008.
Loren Goldfarb submitted “Indialantic-by-the-Sea: Portrait of a Community” for the 29th Annual Telly Awards (2008) regarding Film/ Video. The entry submitted won Silver.
C. Potential Interviewee Schedule
Chairperson Marx provided the committee members with web sites to look over to gather questions and formats for the oral interviewees.
Members are asked to submit five to eight names from their set of people to contact, at the next meet, of potential interviewees.
Ms. Andren suggested to start in the near future the audio/ video interviews.
It was mentioned that Edmond “Robert” Kingsley passes away July 10, 2008.
Chairperson Marx asked Ms. Bozeman to ask her parents what were some of the events and what did people do in Indialantic in the early years.
D. Archive Files
Ms. Andren suggested about the article from Doug Lang, to wait a few weeks or months to see how people react and to see if anymore interests come through, before contacting Mr. Constantino.
Chairperson Marx suggested we have a “Master Asset List of Equipment”. Ms. Twitty-Mercer will work on the “Master Asset List of Equipment” and have it on file with the minutes and agenda’s at all times.
Ms. Bozeman provided pictures from Ms. Milligan to be submitted for the archive file.
Ms. Bozeman provided eight DVD’s (last interview session in February 2008) to Ms. Bruffey for viewing at her residence,
V. Other
Sunday, November 16, 2008 is an idea for a meet and greet in the Council Chambers with the Committee members, Public and Officer DesChenes.
VI. Items for next Meeting- August 19, 2008 8:00 a.m. (08-11)
VII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 a.m.
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Jenifer Marx, Chairperson Victoria M. Twitty-Mercer, Secretary